Our Cleaning Service

San Dieguito Pool Center, Inc. offers complete pool service. Our service will include a weekly visit to perform the following: brush tile above water line and the sides of pool and or spa; vacuum debris from pool and or spa. Net debris from pool and spa surface. Check water chemistry balance and add appropriate chemicals when needed. Clean skimmer baskets, inspect condition of equipment and notify customer of any problems. Maintain equipment area and backwash filter as necessary. The cost for your pool service would be a low per month charge.

San Dieguito Pool Center, Inc. shall furnish all necessary chemicals to perform the above services and to balance the Chlorine and PH. Chemicals such as conditioner and algaecides will be billed when necessary to maintain proper chemical balance and correct algae conditions. For pools with a salt system we will clean the salt cell when needed.

Filter cleanings are recommended twice a year (spring and fall) at a separate charge of $125.00 for each cleaning. If any filter parts need to be replaced at the time of the cleaning we will inform you of that and bill it out separately.

It is the responsibility of the homeowner to remove any pool and or spa covers prior to service. Our insurance does not allow us to add water to the pool and or spa. We require at least one-week notice regarding any special arrangements for parties or holidays. During inclement weather, we will perform chemical service only. Due to conditions beyond our control, we accept no responsibility for the present or future condition of pool or equipment. Should the service be accepted, this is a verbal contract and can be cancelled at any time. We look forward to servicing your pool. If you have any questions feel free to contact our office at (760) 747-5668.


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